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Last answer by Julia David 25 months ago: Causes of grinding teeth are not completely understood. some reasons might include allergies, stress/anxiety, problems sleeping, abnormal bite, or crooked (or missing) teeth. If you are doing it during the day you basically have to tell yourself to stop doing it (or you can rest your tongue on ... read more
Asked by Anne Lim 56 months ago in Snoring Solutions | 2 answers
Last answer by Julia David 26 months ago: Accepting that you are changing. Happy with yourself. My hair is now graying so fast but I refuse to dye it. There is no fountain of youth, no turning back the years, just be who you have always been and go forth into the future. read more
Asked by sheena tabunot-mauleon 55 months ago in Anti-Aging | 2 answers
Last answer by Dr. Johnson C Philip 39 months ago: Whether you need it or not should be decided ONLY by a physician after a careful examination of multiple factors. However, multi-vitamins are never harmful when taken in normal dosages. Thus do not discontinue taking it at this stage. Rather, do visit your physician and let him make the final decisi... read more
Asked by Juergen Seifert 39 months ago in Brain Training Products | 1 answers
Last answer by Amber Johnson 46 months ago: Bath To dream that you are taking a bath signifies a cleansing of your outer and inner self. You are washing away the difficult times. This dream may also be symbolic of ridding yourself of old ideas, notions, opinions, and other negativities. Your dream may be pointing toward forgiveness and lettin... read more
Asked by honey duke 47 months ago in Sleep Aids | 1 answers
Last answer by snowe riddle 55 months ago: Maybe because the side effects were long term that it cannot be determined right after the therapy, it could be possible. read more
Asked by brent fox 55 months ago in Sleep Aids | 3 answers
Last answer by Sam Montana 55 months ago: Many people believe that gingko biloba improves memory and cognitive function among other health benefits. There are also many studies pro and con about the use of DHEA to improve memory functions among many other health benefits. It might interest you to learn about DHEA as a way to improve memo... read more
Asked by Dr. Johnson C Philip 55 months ago in Memory Aid Supplements | 1 answers
I have been visiting this site,Springhill Health and Medical Group, and I find it very useful, in fact I tried every tip that I got and I guess it works although I still have one concern.  Is stem-cell therapy really works and no side effects?  How expensive is it?  It can be used for...
Asked by brent fox 55 months ago in Sleep Aids | 0 answers
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